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Social responsibility

The Padua Congress Centre places special value on social responsibility and eco-friendly meetings, based on their nationally recognised excellent initiative: to reduce reoffending rates.


The Officina Giotto network story began in 1991

Our company belongs to the Officina Giotto network, whose aim is to provide top quality facilities, enabling the underprivileged to find work. This has been achieved through cooperation with the Prison Administration since 1991, organising gardening courses for the inmates in Padua Prison.

The aim was strengthened further in 2005 through the government PEA14 project, when we began running the kitchens in the Padua maximum security prison, with the aim of teaching the inmates a trade.


Homemade confectionery workshop in the prison

In 2005, the confectionery workshop was started in the prison, which produces the homemade confectionery line “Pasticceria Giotto".
Over the years, their production has received numerous quality awards: the “Dino Villani” prize in 2010; the Top Ten of Italian panettoni from “Gambero Rosso”; the “Piatto d’Argento” from the Italian Cooking Academy; the “Made in Italy” dessert award during the G8 in L’Aquila in 2009; the Golosaria Confectionery Award – Culture and Flavour Exhibition in 2008.


Responsible products and services in the congress chain

home made confectionary

The “Pasticceria Giotto” high class confectionery products are included every day in the catering services in the Padua Congress Centre and in the menus at the Forcellini 172 Food & Garden Restaurant.
Furthermore the private 35,000 square meter park around the Congress Centre is maintained by a group of disabled, former alcoholics and inmates who are allowed daytime exit permits.


Each event has a dual advantage

padua congress centre

Thanks to this work experience, once the inmate has served his time he has been rehabilitated and when he leaves prison he can find a job in Padua.
The number of criminals who return to crime has fallen to 1% among those who are involved in this sort of work – meaning that the former inmate has been reborn.
This way the public saves an enormous amount of public expenses, which can be used for development and for paying off the public debt.

Therefore whoever books the excellent facilities offered by the Congress Centre also receives a second advantage, at no extra expense: they support a social integration campaign that is very important humanely and offers great advantages to the public at large.




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