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Hybrid meetings and videoconferences: watch the video

Travelling to meet up with people is a great pleasure but unfortunately it costs time and money.
Four years after the launch of our video conferencing service linked to events, today we are talking about hybrid meetings.


One part of the participants are here at the congress centre, the other is in another part of the world or in another city and linked audio-visually with the event. As if you are altogether in the same room without the cost of getting everyone here. This is the technology which works for people and saves you time and money.

Today one of the best resources is time. Hybrid meetings mean savings in the time and money involved in getting everyone together. Innovation is understanding which technologies are available and selecting the best ones for our clients and taking account of their budgets too.

To do this we are equipped with a dedicated video direction service together with a broad band connection which can support video flows of up to 1080p or in full HD. The quality and fluidity of the video images are surprising.
A week ago we did a demonstration with a client. I told him that we were doing a stress test - choose your contact with the worst connection. He suggested Senegal. I said OK, let's try Senegal and the connection went perfectly!  

Another advantage is that you can increase the frequency of your meetings between work groups and intensify the partnership without giving up face to face meetings. 

We’re not saying that we have the future in our hands. These are services that we want to explore together with our clients.

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