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Venice tours


Piazza San Marco Venezia

Venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks. The city and lagoon are listed as World Heritage Sites.

Padua Congress Centre is just 35/40 minutes far from Venice. Moreover, the two cities are very well connected by the public transport.
Thanks to this favorable position, you can planned a little Venice see sighting or you can decide to extend your stay in Italy and take a full-day tour.
Here below we suggest you some proposals of group-tour.


"Discovery the Venetian lagoon" tour


chiesa della salute venezia

This tour allows you to take a smooth cruise over the Venetian Lagoon with a private motor launch and visit the sleepy fishermen island of Burano, with its picture-postcard multicolored houses.
Here, you have the opportunity to see the islanders skillfully creating hand-made lace.
Then the boat brings you to the picturesque island of Murano, where the art of glass-blowing has been passed down from father to son for generations.


"Three jewels in the Venetian lagoon" tour


veduta di san marco

By private boat, in this tour you discover, in addition to Burano and Murano, the island of Torcello, where the Venetians landed on their flight from the barbarian hordes many centuries ago, visiting the 11th century cathedral, famous for its mosaics.
It is possible to foresee a lunch break in a charming restaurant or to leave lunch at leisure.


"Classical Venice" tour


palazzo ducale venezia

In a 2-hours walking tour you can experience the historical heart of Venice, starting from the largest living room in the world: Piazza San Marco. The square is surmounted by the Byzantine Basilica of San Marco, built in the 11th century. Its rich decorations of marble and mosaics on a gilded background gave it the nickname of the “Golden Church”. Here, generations of artists have spent years of uninterrupted labor to create some of the world greatest masterpieces.
The tour may continue with a visit to the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs which reflect the grandeur and glory of Venice.
An enchanting gondola tour is the perfect way to appreciate the beauty and elegance of the Venetian Palazzi.


"Unknown Venice" tour


rio ognissanti venezia

Enjoy a relaxing walk away from the main tourist sites and crowds. You make your way through the labyrinth of lanes (named Calli) discovering the extraordinary architectural masterpieces and treasures of the hidden Venice. You will know so much more about this precious city.
After a lunch break, enjoy the romantic quiet of the city in a gondola tour at leisure and relax into the gentle rhythms and movements of the Grand Canal.


Boat trip along the Brenta Canal with visits to the Venetian Villa Foscari and Villa Pisani


basilica della salute venezia

When Venice sea trade began slackening in the XV century, the city turned its attention to the mainland Veneto, expanding its holdings inland. The Naviglio del Brenta, the waterway linking Padua and Venice, was a vital highway for commerce and for travel. Rich Venetian families acquired farmland and began building along the Brenta canal the villas which can still be admired today. These palaces began as headquarters for overseeing agricultural estates, but soon were used as summer residences. Architects and painters were brought in to decorate the villas that turned in an absolute status symbols, synonyms of both healthy living surrounded by nature, artistic splendor and social life. Lunch served on board included.

(Courtesy of:  APT della Provincia di Venezia)