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Why you should exhibit

Padua is at the heart of the northeast and Padua Congress Centre enjoys a preferential observation position, because it serves area events:

•    Provincial (Padua)
•    Regional (Veneto)
•    Macro-regional (Triveneto+Emilia Romagna)
•    National

The audience for scientific and medical-scientific events is international now.

Exposure and pinpointed contacts


Exhibiting at one of the events organised in the Padua Congress Centre gives pinpointed exposure during the event, personal contacts with the participants who are in your target basin, and new relations with potential customers.


Events and participants statistics


Every year, around 300 events are organised in the Congress Centre with more than 45,000 visitors.
More than induced 70,000 congress days from the Padua Congress Centre activities.


Which events can be used for exhibitions


Some of the organisers of the events held at the Padua Congress Centre cover all the event expenses, and in this case there is no space for exhibitors or other sponsors.

There is a second group of events that is open to offers of sponsorship and exposure during the event.

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