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Technical equipment

Technology: Video facilities at the Padua Congress Centre


riprese video centro congressi padova

Through our technological facilities, you can incorporate videos in your event and you can record it on a DVD, make direct streaming broadcasts via internet, or organise video and audio conferences.
The Padua Congress Centre is a cutting-edge venue, not only to organise an impeccable event but to roll it out through both traditional media and the internet.


New wide band internet lines and Wi-Fi facilities


location padova internet larga banda wi-fi

With our recent restyling we added two new wide band internet lines, an XDSL asymmetric line (11Mbps in download and 2Mbps in upload) and an HDSL symmetric line (2Mbps in download and 1Mbps guaranteed).
The Wi-Fi facility is now available in all the meeting halls on the ground floor.

Audio and video equipment in all the halls


technical equipment

All the halls are equipped with efficient audio and video systems, and with the assistance of our expert technical facilities we can guarantee exceptional sound and video quality.


Integration with external audio and video facilities

For more complicated needs, our hall systems and technicians are available for total or partial integration with outside technicians and equipment that are needed for special purposes.

Streaming e webcasting


organizza un evento con diretta streaming

The audience for your event could now well be beyond the national borders, or just the other side of a computer screen – you can request us to film your event at the Padua Congress centre and then broadcast it in streaming directly via internet (web casting) or deferred broadcast (podcasting).
Our wide band internet lines have already successfully supported tens of events of this type


Examples of videos and streaming

Watch an example of a video of one of the events in the Segnavie project, which was organised in our Congress Centre by the Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo Foundation


Watch the other clips from the event in our YouTube channel