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Green events

Sorted refuse collection


The “A. Luciani” Congress Centre in Padua operates a refuse sorting policy, separating paper, plastic, glass and metal.
Special containers are provided during the events we organise, so that all our visitors are personally involved in responsibly looking after our environment.
The restaurant organises separate collection of all its organic waste, used oil, plastic, glass and cans.


Expedients to save energy


luce naturale

The Padua Congress Centre has been designed and constructed with great focus on the use of natural light, and in fact all the halls have very large windows to allow all the natural daylight to flow in, creating the perfect lighting system and giving a delightful view of our surrounding park. The windows all have blackout curtains fitted for whenever video projections are being made.

The Padua Congress Centre is also equipped with a BMS – Building Management System – for running and controlling all the mechanical, electrical and security plant.

The lights are fitted with dimmer switches, and led lamps are used which do not create any bothersome stroboscopic effects.
A cutting edge heating system using condensing boilers, and an electric system using low load loss transformers guarantee excellent performance but low energy consumption.
In a congress centre lighting costs can account for up to 25% of the total electricity costs, which is why we are constantly training our staff to be aware of the best practice in saving energy, to enable them to monitor the effective needs for lighting and turn them off whenever they are not needed.

Expedients to save water


parco privato
The park is irrigated with non-drinking water which we draw off an artesian well which has been dug in the park.


Alternative transport to cars is available


piste ciclabili
Outside the Padua Congress Centre there is a bus-stop for two lines of town buses which lead to the train station, the bus station and the city centre.
Guests have the free use of bicycles if they want to take a relaxing tour to discover the beautiful monuments and shops in and around Padua.
In fact, there is an excellent network of cycle tracks around Padua, including the one that directly links the Padua Congress Centre with the historic city centre and other interesting districts in the city, which you can view by clicking in this link.