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All the halls

The two main Auditorium and Sala del Parco Halls are modular and can be arranged to create 6 independent meeting rooms, while there are a further two meeting and training rooms on the first floor.


Auditorium (A)


Sala Auditorium al Centro Congressi Padova

The Auditorium at the Padua Congress Centre is modular and can seat between 370 and 730 people.
It can be divided into two separate halls, Luciani A, ideal for events for up to 370 people, and Luciani B, which is perfect as exhibition area, catering area, showroom or temporary shop.
The Auditorium on the ground floor leads directly into the Sala del Parco, again on the ground floor. Read


Luciani A Hall (A1)


Sala Luciani A

The Luciani A Hall has a modular capacity for between 100 and 370 people.

The hall already has a stage and audio video systems installed. Luciani A, the best solution for congresses and meetings. Read


Luciani B Hall (A2)


spazio espositivo e catering padova

Exhibition and catering space in Padua. The Luciani B has 400 square meters of available space for exhibitions and catering services. Read


Entrance 01 (E1)


entrata 01

Entrance 01 (or the Auditorium Foyer), is the main reception area which leads directly to the Auditorium. Read


Sala del Parco (P)


sala del parco

The Sala del Parco is a modular hall of 576 square meters; the entire hall can be used or it can be divided into 2 o 4 separate smaller rooms.
Each module is numbered from 1 to 4: Sala del Parco 1, Sala del Parco 2, Sala del Parco 3, Sala del Parco 4. Read


Sala del Parco 1 (P1)


sala del parco 1

Sala del Parco 1 is one of the 4 modules that Sala del Parco can be divided into.
It is on the ground floor, flooded with natural light and with direct access to the private park. It is equipped with blackout blinds for video projections. Read


Sala del Parco 1 + 2 (P1+P2)


sala del parco 1 + 2

Sala del Parco 1 + 2 has a flexible capacity between 110 and 220 seats with a theatre layout. Read


Sala del Parco 2 (P2)


Sala del Parco 2 is an ideal meeting room, full of natural light. Read


Sala del Parco 4 (P4)


Sala del Parco 4 is one of the 4 modules that Sala del Parco can be divided into. Read


Entrance 02 (E2)


entrata 02

Entrance 02 is the foyer with an independent entrance to the Sala del Parco. It has a new multifunction reception desk with hideaway bar service. Read


Sala Giotto (G)


sala giotto

Sala Giotto is a training room with a maximum of 64 seats in theatre layout. Read

Sala Donatello (D)


Sala Donatello, sala riunioni al Centro Congressi Padova

Sala Donatello with a central table or theatre layout for a maximum of 22 seats. Read