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Good Prospects for Italy at the Euro 2016 for Conferences

Thursday, June 16 2016

Berlin beats Paris, France remains in fifth place, but is losing ground to Italy, who, although still in sixth place,  is rapidly gaining momentum.

This could be a “sports” summary of global statistics on conferences just published by the ICCA.

Every year, the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), the international network of which Centro Congressi  Padova  A.Luciani has been a member since 2013, publishes the global statistics on the trend of international conferences.


These are statistics based solely on international events classified by ICCA, more than 11.000 of them, which therefore paints a more realistic picture.

The most impressive news for Italy is the achievement of Milan, which, in the wake of Expo, leaps from 41st to 21st place after 93 events, closing the gap on Rome, who drop one place (18th) after 99 events.
Italy therefore seems to be in good shape as regards conferences: always secure in 6th place in the world rankings, this year closing the gap on France, who, although still in fifth place, has dropped from 533 events to 522, while Italy is dangerously closing the gap with 504 conferences in 2015, as opposed to 452 in 2014. France also drops from first place in the city rankings: Paris gives way to Berlin, which became the top destination in the world in 2015.

Will it be the only effect of Expo? We will see. It is a fact that Milan alone has hosted more than 33 events, contributing significantly to Italy’s leap forward. Who now has the task of capitalising on this, not just with the major cities, but also with the university towns, such as Padova, Bologna, Pisa, Bolzano, Palermo…

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