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Stop wasting food in events!

Tuesday, May 24 2016

Food for good is an italian project to avoid wasting food at the eventsThe Centro Congressi  Padova also adheres to the national project “Food for Good: from meetings to solidarity”.

What is it all about?

Food wastage at the end of a lunch or dinner during conventions annoys all of us and we are powerless to stop it.
Even buffets must be plentiful and must satisfy both the eye and the stomach, the number of people attending is never certain and so, all too often large quantities of food end up in the bin.
At the same time the queues of destitute people in the soup kitchens are getting longer and longer.

Waste less if you can today

Following the meeting between the Banco Alimentare  and the non-profit making Equoevento, we have discovered how to reduce food wastage in events to a minimum and give a helping hand to those who need it.
The project is simple and neither requires a great effort nor a great cost. It is carried out in compliance with legislation, thanks to Law Nr. 155/2003 known as the "law of the Good Samaritan".

What is Food for Good?

Through the Banco Alimentare and Equoevento, we established contact between our catering manager and the non-profit making organisation in the area where the event is being held, in order that the latter can arrange collection of the left-over food at the end of lunch or dinner.

This can be carried out at no cost for the conference organiser.

Do you want to know how to include your event in the project? Contact us!

Do you want to know more? Visit the official webpage: 

- www.federcongressi.it/FoodForGood

or watch this video (in italian):

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