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Discover why Padova is so attractive (more so than Venice!)

Wednesday, June 1 2016

Italy is ranked as the sixth nation in the world for the number of conferences it hosts, according to the ICCA statistics, and has  considerable potential for growth.

Within this context, even Padova has great potential, in some areas more than Venice.

Take a look at this table:

Event Previous conference Conference in Padua Variation
NPSS Real Time Conference 2014, Nara, Japan, 180 delegates 2016, 260 delegates + 44%
INTERPORE 2013, Milwaukee, WI - U.S.A., 250 delegates 2015, 500 delegates + 100%
SIAM GS 2011, Long Beach, California - U.S.A., 404 delegates 2013, 546 delegates + 35%
NEUROFLY 2010, Manchester, UK, 354 delegates 2012, 400 delegates + 13%


This is data available to us on conferences which we have hosted. As you can see from the various communities and events, Padova attracts 13% more than Manchester, 35% more than Long Beach, 100% more than Milwaukee, 44% more than Nara in Japan. In short, it’s great to go to a convention, but if it’s in Italy, it’s better.

Padova is about to host the IEEE Real Time Conference - RT2016. 260 delegates are expected. According to recent studies, each delegate pays on average 571 euros for registration alone. Conference RT2016 will therefore bring a figure of around 400,000 euro to Padova.

In 2015 we hosted the INTERPORE 2015 conference, the impact of which on the area was 1.1 million euro.
The Centro Congressi  Padova currently has nominations for conferences for 2017 at a figure estimated to be worth 2 million euro to the area.
The reasons for pursuing synergies between operators and between public and private are abundant.


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