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Do you nominate Padova? We support you

Monday, June 13 2016

Remarkable news: a package of economic benefits for the organisers, who bring an international conference with at least 300 delegates to Padova, in association with the Padova  Convention Bureau.

Real economic benefits

Here is the package of economic benefits, available to those who nominate Padova  for a conference of at least 300 delegates and win the  candidature:
  • Site inspection refundable when conference is confirmed
  • Welcome dinner and Padova Card for the Board
  • Accomodation for the speakers (5 rooms for 2 nights)
This opportunity will be offered to international conferences with the following features:
  • Event involving at least 300 delegates;
  • Event which is expected to involve more than one member of the Padova Convention Bureau or more tour operators in the area (for example conference centre and hotels, or PCO and transportation etc.)
  • Event preferably in low or mid season
Enrico Belli sales and marketing managerDo you want to know more? Contact us.
Your contact is Mr. Enrico Belli, responsible for international candidatures and President of the Italian committee of ICCA members.
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