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Mainland Beats Laguna in the Conventions

Monday, June 6 2016

Laguna loses its monopoly on conventions in favour of the major cities on the mainland: this we discovered by going through the all the global statistics just published by ICCA on the situation in the city of Venice.

Every year, the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), the international network of which Centro Congressi  Padova  A.Luciani has been a member since 2013, publishes the global statistics on the trend of international conferences.

We have analised the conferences hosted by Venice and by the other major cities (Verona, Padova) and have discovered that for the first time, Venice has hosted a number of second-rate conferences by comparison to those hosted by Padova  and Verona.

In 2014, Venice did in fact host 28 conferences, classified by ICCA, while in 2015, the figure dropped to 19 conferences. In the same period, Padova and Verona had a combined total of 24 conferences, compared to 16 the previous year.

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