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Padua Congress Centre acquires the IEEE 20th Real Time Conference

Wednesday, April 29 2015

IEEE NPSS Real Time conferencePerhaps not everybody knows that research has been conducted into nuclear research in Padua since 1958, with the final aim being the construction of a nuclear fusion reactor to produce sustainable energy.

The construction of the first experimental fusion reactor is already underway in Cadarache, in France, and the Padua research team is making its contribution with the RFX project.
In Padua they are researching plasma, which is the heart of the fusion reactor. What is plasma? It is a highly ionized gas heated up to millions of degrees centigrade, very close to the temperature of the sun and stars. It is like a miniature star that is governed by man, to study how clean energy can be produced.

Thanks to this fascinating project, in 2016 researchers will come to Padua from around the world to the IEEE NPSS Real Time Conference (NPSS means Nuclear and Plasma Science Society).
In the past, this conference has been held in Nara (Japan), Berkeley, California (USA), Lisbon (Portugal), and Beijing (China).
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