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Padua Congress Centre has won the INTERPORE 2015 conference

Monday, October 13 2014

The A. Luciani Padua Congress Centre will be the location for the INTERPORE 2015 (7th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting) conference after beating off stiff competition from two other European cities: Delft in Holland and Zurich in Switzerland.

500 delegates from five continents are expected to attend the event for 4 days of business, 2000 hotel stays in the town and estimated revenues of 600,000 Euros.

Previous editions of the INTERPORE conference have been held in Milwaukee (where the Padua conference was announced on last May), Kaiserslautern in Germany, College Station in Texas, USA and Bordeaux in France.

The conference will be markedly international in profile and this begs the question - why did the organisers choose the A. Luciani Padua Congress Centre for the event?

Because of its integrated services with logistics similar to those of certain foreign universities: large green areas, spacious modular rooms for meetings and an impeccable catering service integration - like the dining service in partnership with the university - and technical services such as freely accessible fast wi-fi.

It should obviously not be forgotten that the greater attractiveness of our destination and the vicinity of Venice was an important factor in the final decision too.

How did the selection process which awarded the conference to Padua take place? Some of the INTERPORE organisers were also invited speakers at the SIAM GS 13 international conference which Professor Mario Putti of Padua University's Mathematical Models Department organised in 2013 with a marked increase in attendance: + 35%.

Although none of Padua’s hotels are walking distance from Centro Congressi Padova, Professor Putti's conference organisation was impeccable and this was the decisive factor in the decision to include Padua as a candidate for INTERPORE 2015.

Once again, it was this 'experiential' approach which enabled us to beat off Delft in Holland but above all Zurich which is much more highly ranked than Padua in the ICCA rankings of the most attractive conference centre European cities and probably better equipped infrastructurally.

"It is not only the great capital cities which attract conferences. This is the proof that Padua can attract international events even today", comments Enrico Belli, head of the congress centre's international bids. "Success comes with a great deal of team work from all our partners and co-ordination with existing services ranging from local transport, possibly supplemented with shuttle buses, existing links with excellent Venice airport and the institutional contribution which is always valuable. We should not forget that those attending congresses always devote a little time and money to staying on after business is over in other towns too, in restaurants, transfers, shopping, museum visits and entertainment".

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