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Members' meeting of the Italian ICCA committee

Tuesday, September 6 2016

On next september 13th the Members' meeting of the Italian ICCA committee will take place in Padova. Here below the complete agenda.

Good Prospects for Italy at the Euro 2016 for Conferences

Thursday, June 16 2016

Berlin beats Paris, France remains in fifth place, but is losing ground to Italy. This could be a “sports” summary of global statistics on conferences just published by the ICCA.

Do you nominate Padova? We support you

Monday, June 13 2016

Remarkable news: a package of economic benefits for the organisers, who bring an international conference with at least 300 delegates to Padova, in association with the Padova Convention Bureau.

Infineon Technologies Italia is also against food wastage during events

Wednesday, June 8 2016

Infineon Technologies Italia is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its research centre at the Centro Congressi and is launching the project Food for Good – to prevent food wastage during events in Padova.

Mainland Beats Laguna in the Conventions

Monday, June 6 2016

Laguna loses its monopoly on conventions in favour of the major cities on the mainland: this we discovered by going through the all the global statistics just published by ICCA on the situation in the city of Venice.

Discover why Padova is so attractive (more so than Venice!)

Wednesday, June 1 2016

Italy is ranked as the sixth nation in the world for the number of conferences it hosts and has considerable potential for growth. Within this context, even Padova has great potential, in some areas more than Venice.

Stop wasting food in events!

Tuesday, May 24 2016

The Centro Congressi Padova also adheres to the national project “Food for Good: from meetings to solidarity”.

Paris Match: four pages for Les Prisonniers Pâtissiers

Monday, March 28 2016

Paris Match, one of the most well-known, popular and influential of France periodicals talks about our pastry chef prisoners. Here our translation of the article.


Thursday, March 24 2016

An end to exhaust emissions, no more pollution and goodbye to the mist in the Po Valley. Clean air, low cost energy and an end to our dependence on fossil fuels. All pipe dreams? Maybe not, and you’ll find out why by reading this interview.

And here they are the new spring-summer menu!

Monday, March 21 2016

They have just arrived the new menus for spring-summer buffets, business lunches and served dinners at Padua conference center. A fresh new entry is “Giotto ice cream break” by Gelateria Giotto.