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Luciani B Hall

spazio espositivo e catering padova


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Main features

Capacity: 300 seats in theatre layout
other layouts (school desk, central table, cocktail, lunch/dinner)
Floor area: 360 square meters
Height: 4.50 meters
Length: 13.80 meters
Width: 29.70 meters
Where: ground floor





Available facilities


Audio system with fixed microphones (2 on speakers' table, 1 on podium)
1 hand microphone
1 fixed 200x300 screen
1 4000 AnsiLumen Sanyo Projector
1 Flipchart
Preparation for audio/video connections with the other rooms on the first floor


Facilities on demand, with extra charge

Hall lighting console management: room lighting with 14 spotlights 1000W, zone dimmer switches on 4 channels
Mixer video management: from source either VGA or video
Motorized curtains
Notebook computer
1 DVD Player
1 Audio/CD Player
Digital audio recording
IP or ISDN Videoconference system
Simultaneous interpretation system
HDSL Line: available band:  2048 Kbit/sec for download and 2048 Kbit/sec for upload. Guaranteed band: 1024 Kbit/sec
Internet Wi-Fi in room
Professional camera with operator
Digital audio/video recording
Digital decoder for broadcasting by satellite
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